Preventive Care

Throughout your child’s time as our patient, they will be seen on a regular schedule of visits to monitor growth, development, general health, and mental health. They will receive vaccines according to the schedule recommended by the AAP and the ACIP. And of course, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive advice about anything related to your child’s health.

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Behavioral Health

Behavior Health Care is a unique approach to whole-person/whole-family care which is intended to integrate care of a person’s behavioral, mental, and physical well-being. BHC services facilitate development of skills and achievement of goals when emotional, social, behavioral, or adjustment concerns about physical or other life problems interfere with you/your child’s daily functioning.

Disease Management

We offer comprehensive and coordinated care for infants, children, and teens with chronic medical conditions. Our knowledgeable providers can evaluate and manage many conditions in our office. When needed, we can refer your child to the appropriate pediatric specialists and/or therapists, and we work together as a team to provide your child with the highest quality care possible.

Care Coordination

FAMILIES are the core of the team. The goal of our team is to help provide the best medical care possible for your child. Families choose the goals for their child and providers, case managers and referrals coordinators will work with families to manage their health care needs and help them to improve their overall wellness.

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