Anxiety / Stress

What is Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental and physical reaction to perceived threats. In small doses, anxiety is helpful. It protects us from danger, and focuses our attention on problems. But when anxiety is too severe, or occurs too frequently, it can become debilitating.

Anxiety may present as fear or worry, but can also make children irritable and angry. Anxiety symptoms can also include trouble sleeping, as well as physical symptoms like fatigue, headaches, or stomachaches. Some anxious children keep their worries to themselves and, thus, the symptoms can be missed. 

What we do

At Childhood Health Associates of Salem, our Behavioral Health Consultants work with your child’s PCP to provide behavioral strategies to help manage their symptoms. This can include learning relaxation skills, identifying stressors, learning how to challenge worrisome thoughts, and more.



  • Helping Your Anxious Child: A Step-by-Step Guide for Parents
    by Ronald Rapee PhD
  • Freeing Your Child from Anxiety
    by Tamar Chansky PhD
  • Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents: 7 Ways to Stop the Worry Cycle and Raise Courageous and Independent Children
    by Reid Wilson PhD
  • What to Do When You Worry Too Much:
    A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety
    by Dawn Huebner
  • What to Do When You’re Scared and Worried: A Guide for Kids
    by James Crist


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