Well Child Exams

At a typical well exam (scheduled with your child’s PCP whenever possible) you can expect your child to be measured and weighed, have their blood pressure checked starting at the age of three, have their vision screened starting at age 12 months, and age-appropriate blood screening tests at certain ages. Hearing is tested before kindergarten age and then as needed. Visits with children five and younger start with a questionnaire about their development, temperament and other topics. Adolescents and their parents have the opportunity to tell us about themselves and any concerns through the use of customized questionnaires. We screen for depression and substance abuse in adolescents at every well visit and can often provide immediate, on-site intervention if needed with our BHC staff. We carry out physical exams in a relaxed, child-friendly manner while still being thorough. And because of our participation in the Reach Out and Read program, children six months to five years of age are given an age-appropriate book chosen for them by their PCP.

The AAP’s Bright Futures recommendations are our reference point for preventive care, If you want to read about these in detail, go to brightfutures.aap.org and download the PDF of the Periodicity schedule. For vaccines, we follow all current recommendations of the ACIP; the latest recommended vaccine schedule can be found here.


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