Behavioral Health

About Us

Childhood Health Associates of Salem (CHAOS) provides a broad range of supports and services, including Behavioral Health Consultation/ Behavioral Medicine, a unique approach to whole-person/whole-family care which is intended to integrate care of a person’s behavioral/mental/physical well-being. 

Behavioral Health appointments are intended to help you and your family meet personal goals set by you and your providers pertaining to your health and life. 

BHC staff are specially trained professionals who are part of your primary care medical team. They have specialized training in providing services to individuals from birth through early adulthood who are experiencing emotional, social, behavioral, adjustment or other concerns. Our unique team approach allows us to consider physical, behavioral, and emotional aspects of each individual and the system within which they live. 

BHC services facilitate development of skills and achievement of goals when emotional, social, behavioral, or adjustment concerns about physical or other life problems interfere with you/your child’s daily functioning. We use a strengths-based approach tailored to everyone’s needs. This service is not counseling. If additional or ongoing mental health services are needed, beyond the services available at our clinic, our staff can help connect your child to a specialty provider. 


Additional Services

Available based on need and referral from your healthcare provider:

  • In-house consultation with a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP)

  • Social supports and resource navigation

  • Lactation consultation

  • Healthy Steps (

  • Crisis screening/support

  • Specialized care management for patients with complex conditions

  • Same-day appointments

  • Other


BHC’s have close working relationships with your child’s primary medical provider and a team approach to treatment requires communication between providers.  Communications with your BHC are confidential in the same way discussions with your PCP are private and are stored electronically in the same way; including in the same chart.


In response to new privacy rules we have updated our policies to protect your child’s health information. A summary can be obtained from our front desk or online at


Community Outreach

We offer a variety of health education classes; please contact the clinic for more information about upcoming events. 

We are happy to consider future topics upon request, as well as specific requests from groups of 10 or more. Please contact CHAOS at 503-364-2181 for more information.



Office visits are typically by appointment, only; however, same-day and urgent appointments are available as needed. Appointments are typically 30 minutes or less. If for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment, please call at least 24 hours in advance, or as soon as you know you need to make a change to your appointment.

Our Behavioral Health Team includes advanced practice, doctoral students in training. These Behavioral Health Consultants are typically paired with one of our primary care providers and will be able to provide co-managed care and referrals alongside your child’s PCP. Limited follow-up visits may be available with these providers.

What Should I Expect When I See a BHC

Your BHC may ask you/your child specific questions about your child’s physical symptoms, emotional concerns, behaviors, or other factors associated with presenting issues and how these factors may be related. Together, you and your BHC will make a plan to assist with improvement tailored to you/your child’s specific concerns. This may include but is not limited to, recommendations made by your health care team, referrals to other providers/specialists or additional interventions.



Eating Disorders
Healthy Eating        
Infant Mental Health
Life Adjustments
Medication Compliance         
New Siblings
Physical Activity
Picky Eating       
Pill Swallowing        
Post-Partum Depression
School Concerns    
Social Concerns
Social Media        
Social/Peer Concerns
Substance use/misuse concerns
Toilet Training    


Integrated Care Team

Licensed Clinical Psychologists:
          Joel Lampert, PsyD--Director
Jacob Lowen, PsyD

Psychologist Residents:
          Kate Raineri, PsyD-Res
Julia Ray, PsyD-Res

Licensed Clinical Social Worker:
          Carrie Geibel, LCSW--Healthy Steps

Doctoral Level Psychology Students/BHC’s:
          Madison Smith, MA
          Meagan Zieger, MA
          Chloe’ Freeman, MHS, MA

Support Staff:
          Julie Burgerman, BS, QMHA--Care Manager