Trouble With The Phone Lines Today (Updated)

We are experiencing phone difficulties this morning with our incoming lines. Please hold off on any non-urgent calls to us for now. Urgent calls about sick patients will get through to a nurse pager. You may contact us through the patient portal for routine questions; our fax lines are also working normally for those who need to send us forms or documents to be filled out. Watch this space for updates!

(Update: our phones are now working normally again. Thank for your patience.)

Job Opportunity for Behavioral Health Coordinator

Childhood Health Associates of Salem has a full-time Behavioral/Mental Health Coordinator job opening. We are a growing, fast-paced pediatric clinic located in Salem, Oregon and we are looking for an individual who is dedicated to the field of behavioral/mental health and has a strong interest in pediatric primary care. Schedule availability in the evenings and on weekends is required.

Job Summary: Help in collaboration with our Behavioral Health Providers to promote and restore patients mental and behavioral health, serve as a liaison for mental health referrals between our clinic and others in the community, assist families with coordination of services and areas of therapy within our community, and help build and maintain available mental and behavioral health resources in our community.

Qualified candidates must:

  • possess a High School Diploma and have an educational background in social work or psychology (BA, BS, or AD)

  • possess the skills necessary to conduct themselves in a professional and responsible manner

  • be able to demonstrate and maintain an upbeat, positive attitude

  • be able to think critically, problem-solve, and adapt to change

  • be detail-oriented and capable of multitasking

  • have exceptional verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skills

  • ave strong computer skills

  • enjoy being challenged in their work and be highly motivated to complete tasks while working closely with others as a member of the clinical team

  • have the drive to provide optimum care for our patients in a compassionate and caring way.

Bilingual in any language is a plus but not required. We offer a competitive wage and benefits package.

If interested, please complete an employment application and consent to perform employment background check, available on our job opportunities page.  Send these completed forms, along with your resume, cover letter, and list of professional references to:

Childhood Health Associates of Salem
ATTN: Jennifer Brown
891 23rd Street NE
Salem, Oregon 97301

It is okay to drop off your application in person. However, if you choose to do this, please leave your documents with our wonderful reception staff. We will not be able to meet with you in person at that time.


Notice Regarding Charges for Wart Removal/Treatment

When a patient sees a health care provider for the removal of a skin lesion (almost always warts in the case of our office and our patients) and the health care provider uses medications, freezing, or other in-office techniques to remove the wart, there is a specific code that is used to charge for that treatment. This is a little different that seeing one of us for an illness that requires us to evaluate, diagnose, and treat (when applicable). The code sent to your insurance is a treatment code and carries a charge that is handled differently that the codes used to evaluate a sick child or provide preventive care.

In the past we have largely not used these codes and instead have treated wart visits much like other office visits. We've just charged for the diagnosis and management most of the time, even for children with many warts that required a lot of time. However, given the rising costs of the treatments used as well as increased demands on the provider schedules, we can no longer afford to do this.

Effective immediately, we will be using the procedure chart for any warts treated in the office. This means that you may receive a bill for the service. The exact charge will vary depending on your child's insurance and on how many warts are treated but can easily be over $200 for a single wart.

Given that there are many effective over-the-counter home treatments for warts and that warts are usually more of a cosmetic problem for children rather than a true health problem, we recommend that you treat your child's warts at home using one of the many methods available. We are happy to confirm your suspicion that your child has a wart and give you advice on treatment during your visit. If your child has a very severe case of warts (many warts, large warts, warts on the face or near the fingernails) then we recommend that your child see a dermatologist (or a podiatrist for warts on the feet) as they have access to more effective treatments.

Oregon Health Plan (including WVCH) plans do NOT cover treatment/removal of warts; OHP patients therefore WILL have a charge from our office if a wart treatment is performed. Other insurances may cover the treatment; however, if you have any questions about what conditions and procedures are covered you should contact your insurance company.