The symptoms of Covid-19 infection may include cough, congestion, sore throat, fever and difficulty breathing, or even vomiting and diarrhea. Most people also experience fatigue and body aches. Unfortunately, these symptoms are shared with many other respiratory viruses that children commonly get. Home tests are widely available now and quite accurate.


The best way to prevent your children or you from catching COVID-19 is by vaccination. There are now vaccines for every age group starting as young as six months of age and your child can be vaccinated at our office at any scheduled regular appointment or you may call us for a vaccine-only appointment.

Universal indoor masking is no longer required in the state of Oregon but many people will choose to still wear masks in higher-risk settings where it is more difficult to carry out social distancing. Hand hygiene also remains an important way to help control all infectious diseases.

Currently, universal masking is still required in health care setting such as our office, along with other clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, dental offices, and lab/x-ray facilities.


Most children and teens with COVID-19 will not need any particular treatment for COVID-19 and will have a mild illness. Children with asthma should have their medications on hand and be using them as prescribed. If symptoms are mild, the best advice is to stay home, reduce contact with others, increase rest and fluid intake. If symptoms are severe, particularly if there are concerns around breathing please contact us or call 911.

Older children who are unvaccinated and have certain chronic health conditions may benefit from oral anti-viral treatment such as Paxlovid. More information is available at

Our clinic has returned to a normal, pre-pandemic schedule with well visits for all ages, chronic disease management, and a separate daily schedule for children who are more likely to be contagious and who are seen in one part of our building with a separate entrance. We continue to also offer video visits over a secure Zoom platform. At this time we are not able to accommodate walk-in appointments due to the need to continue to screen for COVID-19 risk.