New Medical Chaperone Policy

Medical Chaperone Policy

Last year the Oregon Medical Board passed a new rule requiring that all professionals licensed by that body (physicians, PAs, acupuncturists) comply with a new policy regarding the offering of a chaperone at certain visits.

The Medical Chaperone is a trained health professional or staff member who has specifically been trained in the role of being a chaperone. They assist both patients and providers in completing sensitive exams and procedures (physical examination of or a procedure involving the genitalia or rectum, regardless of gender, or female breast) in a consistent, safe, and respectful manner. Chaperones can help protect and enhance a patient’s sense of privacy, security, and dignity in sensitive situations. They can help ease distress among patients with mental health considerations, neurodevelopment disorders, or who for cultural or religious reasons may find certain procedures threatening or confusing. Any chaperone who witnesses inappropriate or unacceptable behavior on the part of a healthcare provider is required to report it immediately.

Childhood Health Associates of Salem values the safety and dignity of our patients. As part of our commitment to creating a respectful, comfortable environment, we provide chaperones during Sensitive Exams and Procedures, as well as upon request.

Chaperones are intended to create a safe environment for both patients and providers. Patients who are able make their own medical decisions have the right to decline the presence of a chaperone (this will be noted in the patient record). However, providers may decide not to perform a particular exam or procedure without a chaperone present.