Our new online portal is now live. If you previously had an account you will need to sign up again. Sign up next time you are in the office. Form to download and fill out prior to visit is available here.

This video highlights instructions to become a proxy account manager to your child(ren) with the patient portal powered by FollowMyHealth.



Knowledge Base - http://support.followmyhealth.com/
Phone - 1.888.670.9775, Monday – Friday, 7am to 7pm
Email - support@followmyhealth.com



What is FollowMyHealth?
FollowMyHealth is a secure online portal for accessing your personal health information and communicating securely with our practice. Some functionality includes: Secure messaging to/from our providers, appointment requests and reminders, access to your immunization records, and the ability to view health history.

How do I get started with an account?
Just ask for a signup form next time you are in the office, or print one off from here and bring it in.  Our staff will process the request and you will receive an invitation email with instructions on the next steps to take.

What is the invitation code?
The invitation code needed for associating your account can be found on the bottom tear-off of the portal sign-up form.

What is a proxy account?
A proxy is a term for an account that is given access to another’s information.  For example, a parent can be given proxy access to their child’s information.  A patient can have multiple proxies so, for example, both mother and father can be proxies for their child.

Why can’t I see any health information past the age of 14?
To protect the patient’s privileged information, proxies are only able to view health information up to the age of 14.  When a patient turns 14, all current proxy access is immediately disabled.  If proxy access is desired after a patient turns 14, you will need to request another invite.  However, no clinical data after the age of 14 will be accessible to the proxy (although any data pre-14 will still be viewable).  Messaging, account balance, and appointment requests will be available to the proxy. We recommend that patients over the age of 14 create their own portal account for access to their health information.

Can I access FollowMyHealth from my mobile phone?
Yes!  FollowMyHealth has apps for both Android and iPhone.  Simply go to your device’s store and search for “FollowMyHealth” and install the app. The FMH app also allows you to choose to receive text message notifications on your phone.

What’s with the options for logging in using Facebook, Google, etc.?
You can choose to use your Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or LiveID, login credentials for accessing your account. Please note that this account will only be used to sign into Follow My Health, no medical information will pass to any third party service (for example, if you sign in through Facebook, no medical information is available on Facebook to either yourself or your Facebook friends). You can also create new login credentials using the FMH option.

What if I already have a FollowMyHealth account with another clinic?
You can use your already existing account for proxy access to your children.  Just follow the instructions in the invitation email and login with your existing account when setting up the proxy.

For more details and information, please visit FollowMyHealth’s Knowledge Base here:



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