Survey Coming Soon

We're getting ready to perform our second annual CAHPS CG PCMH survey later this month. What is all of that alphabet soup? CAHPS stands for Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems; it's the actual name of the survey. CG stands for Clinician and Group which just describes the specific version of the survey. PCMH stands for Patient Centered Medical Home, which is what WE are...  and also describes a specific version of the survey with items added to measure aspects of medical homes.

We do this in order to get valuable feedback from the patient/caregiver. We want to know how you feel we are doing with regard to important topics such as access to appointments, effectiveness of our communication, supporting the patient in self-management, preventive topics, and the skills and attitude of our office staff.

The survey will go out to a sample of our patients selected from everyone who had a visit at our office in the last year. The more surveys we get back, the more we can learn. So watch for a survey and please help us improve the care of our patients by filling it out if you receive one!