Important Announcement Regarding Charges for BHC

Here at Childhood Health we have been privileged to enjoy the services of a Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist as our Behavioral Health Consultant for almost a year now. While much of the cost of having a full-time psychologist was covered by a grant from the Mid-Valley Behavioral Health Network, that grant will soon come to an end. We will be transitioning to a model that does require us to bill for our BHC's services. Patients actively enrolled in WVCH will have behavioral services at our office automatically covered by the plan. Patients with other (commercial) insurances will start to see charges for Dr. Mauldin appear on their EOB (Explanation of Benefits) forms. As is true with all services performed at a physician's office, your insurance may or may not cover the charges. If you have any questions about whether or not there will be a charge we would ask you to contact your insurance company regarding your benefits.