Pediatric to Adult Health Care Transition


We recently drafted a statement regarding the transition process (from pediatric to adult health care) and wanted to share that with our families.

"The health care providers at Childhood Health Associates of Salem understand the value of a smooth transition from pediatric to adult health care.  We take pride in working with our teens and their families in the process; educating our young patients and their families about the importance of each individual managing their own health care, encouraging their participation in all health care decisions and ultimately supporting patient responsibility for their ongoing health care as they move into the adult health care system.

Families are the first teachers of good health habits and we at Childhood Health believe that learning about healthy living is an ongoing process throughout life.  Starting with our patients around 12 years of age, our providers will begin to guide the educational process to support personal management of lifestyle choices and work with our patients to help them develop care plans for chronic illnesses.

In their later teen years, typically around 18 years of age, most youth in our practice will begin the move from Childhood Health Associates of Salem to an adult health care clinic in the community.  We will work with our patients and their families during this transition; providing a list of appropriate clinics and providers and helping to find an appropriate provider for their adult health care needs."