Thanks for a Great 2012!

With a new year starting, we wanted to thank some of our colleagues and community partners for sharing our vision and helping us achieve our mission of providing quality health care for children of all ages.

First, thanks to some of the local nonprofit agencies in our area that serve children and youth… please remember these agencies when you are looking to make a charitable donation.

  • Easter Seals Children’s Therapy Center, for providing quality PT, OT, speech, and mental health services, and for partnering with us to provide mental health care here in our clinic one day a week for the last couple of years.
  • Family Building Blocks, for providing services such as education and respite care to high-risk familes.
  • Liberty House, our local child abuse assessment center, for being such a valuable resource to children and families who have suffered through child physical and sexual abuse.

We’re also privileged to have some fine specialists in the area who go out of their way to help us in caring for children. Special thanks to:

  • Willamette Ear, Nose and Throat, for seeing our patients for their otolaryngologic needs… including removal of objects from many noses and ears, and helping us with the scary things like peritonsillar abscesses.
  • Medical Center Eye Clinic, especially Dr. East and Dr. Tibolt, for seeing a veritable flood of children for us for their eye care needs.
  • The pediatric subspecialists of Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, for all of the many ways they help us
  • The pediatric subspecialists of the Legacy network in Portland.
  • Oak Street Surgical Associates, for seemingly endless help with abscesses, appendicitis, and so many other things!
  • Willamette Urology, for providing newborn circumcisions to our clients after we stopped offering them in our office
  • The surgeons of the Salem Hospital Trauma Service, for being astonishingly willing to help out with kids in the hospital.
  • Salem Gastroenterology Associates, for helping us out with some of our older teens.
  • Our neonatologists, especially Dr. Cohen and Dr. Sweeney, for taking care of tiny babies so that we don’t have to!
  • Dr. Sudeep Taksali of Hope Orthopedics, for exemplary help this year.

And finally, our sincere thanks to the fine nurses that work with us at Salem Hospital, on the Mother-Baby unit, in the NICU, and on our new Pediatrics Unit. You guys are the best!