Flu Vaccine is Here!

Our shipments of flu vaccine have arrived so we are ready to start vaccinating. Please ask about flu vaccine while you are at our office for checkups or other reasons. We are getting all of our staff and operations in place for giving flu vaccine on a walk-in basis. We will be offering both the injectable and the nasal vaccine (FluMist). Once we are fully up and running on this, you will be able to walk in any time we are open to have your child receive the vaccine. If you prefer to have an appointment for the vaccine we can accommodate that as well. Watch this space for updates in the next couple of weeks.

Please note: Flu vaccines at our office are ONLY for our patients, not children who are patients at other practices. Flu vaccine is recommended for ALL children over the age of six months old. Some children will need two doses of the vaccine during the season. Parents of infants under six months old should also get the flu vaccine.

We anticipate an excellent supply this year, so no need to line up around the block… but don’t put it off too long! We usually vaccinate through January or early February but will usually stop ordering vaccine after that.