Delinquent Accounts

We are in the process of making some changes in the way we manage delinquent accounts. In the past we have had an extremely liberal financial policy, allowing families to continue to see us even after their accounts have been turned over to a collections agency. We will no longer be able to continue this practice.

If you have an account balance and are not making regular payments on that balance you can expect to start receiving detailed warning letters from our office soon. Please take these very seriously and follow the instructions so that we may continue to provide health care to your child or children. Failure to pay off the balance or to make satisfactory monthtly payments will result in us asking to take your child elsewhere for health care.

As always, we can set you up with an automated monthly payment plan using your credit card. This is an easy and secure way to make sure that your account stays current and that your child’s health care is not interrupted.