Dirty Kids Are Happy Kids

It’s been a long chilly wet winter, and we were just rewarded with a beautiful warm sunny weekend. After so many weeks of rain, wind, and cold, your children may have lost the habit of playing outside. But outdoor activities are a great way to perk everyone up, lower your child’s chance of obesity, and get some good old Vitamin D. What better way to have fun in the spring than to start a garden with your child?

National Wildlife Federation’s website has some nice articles on the benefits of kids fooling around in the mud and dirt, as well as practical tips on what they can do to attract and nurture wildlife by their efforts. Local nurseries can also help you get started with child-sized tools and kid-friendly plants and seeds. For garden examples to inspire you and for children, check out the grounds at Deepwood Estate or the Martha Springer Botanical Garden at Willamette University.