Expectant Parents FAQ

If you are expecting a baby (especially your first, or your first one as our patients), you may have some questions about the whole process of newborn care. Listed below are some of the questions that we are frequently asked with regard to newborns in the hospital and at our office.

Q: Will you see my baby in the hospital, and when?

A: Yes! As long as you are delivering at Salem Hospital, we will see and examine your normal newborn in the first 24 hours. All of our physicians have newborn privileges at Salem Hospital. We do not take care of patients at Silverton Hospital or other hospitals in the Mid-Valley, nor in the Portland area.

Q: Do I need to notify your office, or preregister the baby?

A: Usually, no. If you deliver at Salem Hospital and specify to the hospital staff that we will be the baby’s health care provider, your baby will usually be automatically registered by our billing staff once they appear on our hospital census. Then when you call to make the follow-up appointment, you will complete the process by giving us the rest of the details — such as baby’s brand new full name! If you deliver somewhere else, you will need to call us and register the baby after he or she is born. Our Billing department does this for you. If your OB provider is expecting the baby to have special health care needs, a call to us in advance will help to coordinate care.

Q: How long will mom and baby stay in the hospital?

A: We are only providers for the baby, not the mom … but some general rules apply. Normal healthy newborns usually stay about 48 hours, sometimes a bit less. Anything less than 48 hours is considered an ‘early discharge’, and not all babies qualify. Any baby who is a bit early, is having feeding problems, or just isn’t behaving needs to stay 48 hours (and longer if needed for your baby’s health). There are a number of screening tests that will be performed on your baby between 24 and 48 hours of age, so on no account should your baby go home before 24 hours of age.

Q: When does my baby need to come to the office?

A: We see most babies one or two days after discharge. To facilitate this, we have weekend hours. If your baby’s doctor tells you to come in for a Sunday appointment, he or she isn’t kidding…. we will be here to see your baby.

Q: We are expecting a boy. When can we have him circumcised?

A: We no longer perform infant circumcisions, either at the hospital or in the office. You may contact Willamette Urology at 503-561-7100 if you would like to have that surgery performed.