Continuity With Your Child's PCP

We know that you value having your child see his or her primary care provider whenever possible. That’s why, when you call for an appointment, we will always try first to schedule your child or adolescent with the provider who knows them best. Seeing the same provider over time results in more effiicient care and greater patient satisfaction, as well as strengthening the bond between your child and his or her PCP.

At times, your child’s PCP may be unavailable (due to vacation days, other events, or illness) or their schedule may simply not be able to accommodate any more patients for the day that you wish to have them seen. When that happens, your child will most likely be scheduled with one of our well-trained and resourceful Pediatric Physician Assistants or  Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. These highly skilled professionals can diagnose and treat acute and chronic illnesses, provide preventive care, order labs and radiology studies, and treat injuries — pretty much everything our pediatricians do! Our pediatricians are always available to consult with them in the event of a particularly complicated case or a child who may require hospitalization. Our PAs and PNPs are a fully-fledged part of our patient care team and are proud to be able to serve you and your children.