Don't Forget That Phone Thing!

We’re glad that you found our website and are using it for information. We hope that you have signed up for a portal account for your child and are using it for things like securely messaging your child’s PCP and paying your bill online. And we hope you are friending us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

But don’t forget the phone… that annoying intruder that buzzes, rings, and chimes from time to time to tell you that someone is trying to reach you urgently (at least in their eyes). To best serve you and your child, we need an accurate and up-to-date phone number. We may need to reach you about a last-minute change in your child’s appointment, with important lab results, or simply to return your call about with advice from our nurses. We can’t do it if we can’t reach you!

So please… give us your best number, or numbers. If you only have a cell phone, make sure that your keep it charged and know where it is. For any phone, keep your inbox emptied out so that we may leave messages. And don’t lose your phone bill in your stack of papers… if you don’t pay your bill and your phone service is cut off, we will have no way to reach you in a hurry. And if it’s the family cell phone account, your teen won’t be able to text his or her latest Angry Birds score to the entire middle school…