National Child Passenger Safety Week is September 18 - 24, 2011

In Oregon, car crashes continue to be one of the primary causes of death and serious injury to children. Sadly, this happens because caretakers fail to use booster seats for children who are too small or too young to be moved into an adult safety belt. As kids grow, they start to assert their independence and rebel against child safety seats. As adults, it is our responsibility to ensure their safety and keep them in booster seats until the lap and shoulder belt fits properly - when they are at least age 8 or 4’9” tall.

Did You Know…?

  • Only 60 percent of those who should be using booster seats are using them.  Booster seats serve as an important middle step between a car seat with a harness and a vehicle’s lap and shoulder safety belt. 2010 ODOT Oregon Occupant Protection Observation StudySafety Seat
  • Oregon law requires that children up to age 8 or 4’9” to ride in a booster seat.  Note: Parents should secure their child in a booster seat until the lap and shoulder belt fits properly regardless of age or height.
  • Belt positioning booster seats are 59 percent more effective in reducing risk of injury when compared with safety belts alone.Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
  • In 2010, 535 children ages 4 - 7 in Oregon were killed or seriously injured in motor vehicle crashes - only 51 percent were using a child restraint. ODOT Crash Analysis & Reporting System

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