Winter illnesses in full swing

Typical for this time of year we are seeing an increase in demand for appointments at our office due to increasing comon winter illnesses. Respiratory illnesses (cough and colds) are most common. If you would like a same day appointment be sure to first review symptoms on our web site for home therapies. Call early in the day as we are running out of appointments by later in the day.
What are we seeing?

Common colds

Symptoms include runny nose, cough, fever and sore throat. Sore throat and fever usually first 2-3 days of illness. Congestion lasts 7-10 days and cough 2-3 weeks. Child is typically most ill the first 5 days and then gradully improves.

Ear infections

Ear infections occur as a complication of a cold. They rarely occur in the absence of cold symptoms. Symptoms of ear infection includes fever that occurs later in cold illness, especially when accompanied by ear pain. Ear pulling without fever or sleep troubles is rarely sign of ear infection.

Bronchiolitis (RSV)

RSV is a winter virus that causes more lung symptoms than a typical cold (upper respiratory infection). All ages can get RSV but only youngest children are at risk for serious disease. The difference between bronchiolitis and common cold is more disease in the lungs. This is observed as faster breathing, wheezing, and harder breathing. Young children who are working harder to breathe or breathing faster should seek medical care.

Influenza (respiratory flu)

So far we have only seen sporadic cases. Influenza is simlar to common cold but typically has higher fever lasting longer. Headache, sore throat and body aches are very common. Our office administered a record number of flu shots so we are confident this will benefit our patients. Treatment is primarily supportive with encouraging fluids, rest and ibuprofen. Children with chronic medical conditions including asthma are at higher risk and should seek medical care if experiencing respiratory symptoms from influenza.