Beginning early 2012 United Healthcare and Multiplan will be out of network

Our office has been unable to negotiate a fair contract with United and Mulitplan (PHCS) health plans. Beginning January 2012 our office will be classified as out of network for these plans. Letters will be going out soon to notify our patients with United insurance. Multiplan is a group of several hundred small insurance plans. To see if your plan is part of that network, check your card for Multiplan or PHCS logos.

We will continue to bill both of these insurance plans and any portion of the bill not paid by insurance will be the family’s responsiblity. This may affect your benefits and copays so best to to contact your insurance to understand how this will affect you.

Many companies allow for open enrollment around the beginning of the calendar year so you can evaluate your options. If you don’t like the options available from your company, make sure your human resource department is aware.