Email surveys

Beginning at the end of Summer 2011 our office began sending out email surveys to patients that see Drs. Heggen, Dinsmore and Carlson. This is a pilot project intended to solicit more feedback from our patient’s families on what we are doing right and where we can improve.

We scored very high on whether you would recommend our clinic to family and friends. You also felt that our doctors and providers take the time to explain themselves well and give you the time you need. The peceived waiting times were also low. We thank you for that and will contiue to work to continue to earn your approval.

Areas of improvement that your told us about included replacing our waiting room chairs and need for improvement in prompt, friendly service at the front desk. We have now been in our new building five years and we agree our chairs are worse for wear. We will be replacing them soon. We thank you also for your honest feedback regarding the front desk and will be sharing with our staff and using your comments as an incentive for improvement.

Please fill out an online survey if you receive one. It really helps us know where we can improve. Thanks again for your feedback and loyalty.