Updated mission, vision and value statements

In August of 2010 our office reviewed our guiding principles and wanted to share them with you. These principles serve as a framework for planning and decision making. The plan is to review every two years. Please let us know what you think in our comment section.

h2. Mission statement

Childhood Health exists to provide quality health care in order to promote optimal physical, mental and developmental health of our patients.

h2. Vision statement

* Childhood Health will provide quality healthcare that is safe, effective, timely, patient centered, efficient and equitable.
* Childhood Health will provide a medical home that delivers care that is accessible, continuous over time, comprehensive, child centered, coordinated, compassionate, and culturally effective.
* Every member of the Childhood Health team will be optimally trained, effective, compassionate, engaged, satisfied and respected.
* Childhood Health will effectively engage with community partners that contribute to our patients' health.

h2. Core values

We believe…

* That the child is the patient, and therefore the focus of our work.
* That all children and adolescents deserve quality healthcare.
* In providing quality healthcare to as many children and adolescents in our community as we can effectively serve.
* That the patient and family are participants in all health care decisions and delivery.
* In fostering a culture of mutual respect between patient, family, and all members of the Childhood Health team.
* In increasing value and reducing waste in all processes.
* In the importance of long term financial stability.