Results of July customer service survey

We have begun regularly asking for feedback on how we are doing. If you have been in our office in the last month you may have been asked or seen our new survey. We wanted to share our first month's data with you and let you know what we plan to do with the information.

h2. Results

* 100% of you said you would recommend our clinic to a family and friend. Thank you!
* 75% of you said your overall experience rated as excellent
* 80% of you said your provider answered all your questions
* 50% rated wait time on the phone as excellent
* 72% rated wait time in the waiting room as excellent
* 33% have found our web site helpful while nearly all the remainder had not visited our web site. 5% rated our website as not helpful.

h2. What we've learned

Wait time on the phone and in the waiting room appears to be the area of greatest need for improvement. We have installed software on our phone system to measure our hold times and will be monitoring that to best staff our operators. We have recently hired many new, excellent phone advice nurses. They have completed their training and are now full speed. We hope this will decrease your wait time on the phone.

Many families taking the survey are not aware of our web site. If you are reading this you have already found us. We will work harder to get the word out about our web site and our "secure patient portal":/clinic-information/patientportal. We feel these tools are helpful in educating families and allowing them to communicate securely directly with our providers and staff. If there are additional features or information you looked for on our site and couldn't find it please leave a comment below.

Thank you to the families that took the time to let us know how we are doing. We plan to continue to solicit feedback and improve our service where needed.