Now accepting new patients

[Updated 5/19/2010: Due to scheduling availability the following providers are not yet open to new patients: Temple, Kemmerle, Etzel and Farah. We apologize for any confusion on this issue. We continually monitor scheduling availability for our providers and will open or close physicians to new patients as able.]

Beginning this month we are again accepting new patients. We contract with majority of health plans in the area and serve patients on the Oregon Health Plan. We do not currently contract with "CareOregon": or "Kaiser": health insurances. We recommend you contact your insurance company to confirm our clinic is in network for you to receive health benefits.

Some health plans require you to list a provider as your primary care provider (PCP). If that is the case you must change this with your insurance prior to coming to our clinic. You can see any of our providers as long as one of our providers is listed as your child's PCP.

We do accept Oregon Health Plan through "Marion Polk County Community Health Plan": (MPCHP). If you are a CareOregon patient you do have the right to request to be changed to Marion Polk Community Health Plan (MPCHP) form of the Oregon Health Plan.

The following providers are currently accepting new patients:

* Kenneth Carlson, MD
* Suzanne Dinsmore, MD
* Kimberly Heggen, MD
* Jenny Hoelter, MD
* Krisi Kamstra, PA
* James Lace, MD
* Angie Lyons, PA

To learn more about our providers you can visit our "about us":/clinic-information/all-about-us page.