Weekly update - 2/3/2010

h3. Online Secure Patient Portal

Our online secure patient portal is changing slightly. The integration between the portal and our medical record system is changing such that we needed to better assure accurate account creation and matching. For this reason we have disabled the ability to create accounts online. To request an activation email for an account just let our office know you are interested and tell us which email you would like associated with your child's online account. Each child gets their own account. Features include requesting appointments, requesting prescription refills, pay your bill online and securely communicating with our staff and doctors online. Our hope is to decrease your time on hold and provide more direct communication for non-urgent issues. Please allow 24 hours for response to any online requests. Give us a call if you have a more urgent need.

Features available will be the same for the time being. One new feature will be ability to start to fill your reason for visit and symptoms online when you request an appointment. Be sure to let our nurse know who is checking you in that you did this online as it will be available in our medical record system at the time of your visit. At this time the feature is not yet working, but should be active and functional in the next 1-2 weeks.

h3. 2010 Flu Season

We are happy to report that as of this date winter flu season has been mild. We are hopeful due to record setting numbers of children vaccinated. We still have a few doses of H1N1 influenza vaccine and seasonal nasal vaccine remaining. To date we have vaccinated over 5000 children for seasonal flu and nearly 4000 for H1N1 influenza. We continue to be confident in the safety of the vaccine as our clinic has not seen any serious reactions to the vaccine. All vaccines are monitored through centralized reporting system called "VAERS":http://vaers.hhs.gov/. Report does not always mean problem was directly caused by vaccine but attention is paid to high numbers of reports or patterns of reports. The safety data continues to be equal to seasonal influenza vaccines with about 8000 reports out of 122 million doses shipped. The exact number given is not known but in Oregon 84% of shipped vaccine has been given to patients. 94% of reactions are classified as non-serious. To see report for yourself visit "VAERS H1N1 Reports":http://vaers.hhs.gov/resources/h1n1update#top.