Do parents worry about the right things?

A recent article in the New York Times reported on a survey about the top five things parents worry about:

* Kidnapping
* School snipers
* Terrorists
* Dangerous strangers
* Drugs

According to the Centers for Disease Control the five most common causes of injury for kids under the age of 19 are:

* Car accidents
* Homicide
* Child abuse
* Suicide
* Drowning

It is fascinating to me that there is nearly no overlap between the two lists. Media is likely partly responsible for altering parent's perception of threats to children's safety. Child abuse is most often perpetrated by someone known to the child, not strangers. Same is true for most child victims of homicide. Injury is the most common cause of death in children. Allocating resources to the most common causes will have the best chances of reducing risk to children.

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