National Influenza Week January 10-16

Fortunately influenza activity in Oregon is staying low for the time being. Seasonal flu is expected to increase in coming month with peak in February if the pattern follows prior years. H1N1 influenza is staying at low activity since its big peak in the fall. There is a possibility of H1N1 influenza vaccine increasing along with other flu viruses in coming months.

We still have adequate supplies of H1N1 influenza vaccine available for all our patients in injectable and nasal forms. Seasonal flu vaccine supply is dwindling fast. We are now out of injectable vaccine but still have nasal doses available.

We have flu shot appointments available in coming weeks so just call our office or request appointment through our web site. If you child has an upcoming appointment just ask us next time you are there and we will be happy to immunize your child.

More information about National Influenza Week at "": and "CDC":