Medication dispensing beginning this week

Pill bottlesWe are proud to announce the start of a new program at our office. Beginning this week we will have some common medications available in our office saving you a trip to the pharmacy. Our selection begins with 16 of the most common prescriptions including antibiotics and asthma medications. These medications come in pre-filled, sealed bottles and use barcode scanning to reduce errors. Our goal of this program is to offer you the convenience and shorten the time between us writing the prescription and the patient getting their medication.

We are able to bill most commercial insurance plans as well as take cash. We are not yet set up to dispense medications for patients on the Oregon Health Plan. We hope to change this in the future. Our system processes claims using the same system as pharmacies so you will know at that time what portion of the medication cost you are responsible for. For us to bill insurance you must have your prescription card with you. Also we cannot bill later for medication costs.

We will continue to send prescriptions to pharmacy of your choice. Your participation in this program is completely your choice! Feel free to use the comment section on this post for any questions or ask us about it next time you are in the office.