Swine Flu (H1N1) Q&A

We have been getting many questions from concerned parents. Wanted to take this opportunity to attempt to answer them with current recommendations. Information is being updated very quickly so be sure to go to "CDC Swine Flu":http://www.cdc.gov/swineflu page for the latest information.

h2. How do I protect myself

At the time of this writing there have been no reported cases in Oregon and majority of US cases have been mild. It is not known to what extent the infection will spread in our state but it is likely that we will have some cases reported soon.

* Wash your hands frequently.
* Cover your cough by coughing into your arm or sleeve
* Avoid crowded, inside locations such as medical offices, emergency rooms, movie theaters and large shopping malls.
* Gets lots of rest and continue good nutrition including a multivitamin

h2. Should I get tested?

At this time testing is only recommended for those who have travelled to an area where there have been identified cases in US or abroad within 7 days AND have symptoms suggestive of influenza. These symptoms include fever, cough and sore throat.

h2. Should I take medication?

Antiviral medications are only recommended for confirmed or suspected cases based on travel history and symptoms. This recommendation may change if more cases are discovered in Oregon.

h2. Where can I get a flu shot?

The recent flu shot that was used last winter is not protective against swine flu. *There is currently no vaccine available for swine flu.*

Check back and try to only listen/read reputable sources for the latest information. Our office will be closely monitoring and following guidelines as they are published by CDC and other public health agencies.