Busy winter at the office

In recent weeks we are experiencing our typical seasonal increase in office visits that usually peaks in February. This year is no exception as we are having some of our busiest days in the history of our clinic. We are experiencing very high volume of phone traffic, at times overloading our phone systems. We will be adding capacity soon, but until then read on for some tips.

h3. Tips to communicate with us in the busy winter months

* Call early in the day for urgent same day appointments
* For questions about symptoms consider visiting "Legacy Emmanuel Children's KidsCare":http://www.legacyhealth.org/body.cfm?id=1360 for health advice
* For nonurgent calls consider calling later in the day or avoiding Monday (our busiest day)
* For routine prescription refills call the pharmacy directly. If they need to authorize more refills the pharmacy will contact us. (For medications that require paper prescription to be picked up please continue to contact our office by phone or online)
* Use our "My Health Online":/clinic-information/myhealthonline service to send us messages through the internet securely (sign up in the office)
* If you are at our office for a visit be sure to make your next appointment prior to leaving the office.

Most commonly we see an increase in respiratory infections, including "colds":/health-information/diseases-and-symptoms/colds-and-coughs, "bronchiolitis":/health-information/diseases-and-symptoms/bronchiolilitis (often cause by RSV), and "influenza":/health-information/diseases-and-symptoms/influenza-respiratory-flu (respiratory flu).

What this means for you is to remember to call early in the day if you are interested in same day appointment. We are typically filling all appointments by about 4pm each day. Also, feel free to review health topics on our website as well as in our print Red Book for common questions.

We thank you in advance for your patience during this busy time.