H1N1 Vaccine now recommended for all priority groups

Oregon State Department of Health has broadened recommendations to again include all CDC priority groups. Due to short vaccine supply they had previously recommended deferring vaccine for healthy kids age 5 to 24 years old. Vaccine supply has improved in the state and we have are experiencing the same in our office. We will be using our established wait list to get vaccine to all who want it. If you've already requested to be on the wait list you do not need to request again. We are continuing to do about 200 shots each Saturday with additional flu clinics during the week.

Seasonal flu vaccine is also available again. We have it for all age groups. If you would like to schedule a flu shot appointment for seasonal flu vaccine just give our office a call. Just like H1N1 vaccine we are scheduling about one week at a time with additional demand being placed on a wait list.

Thank you to all our families for their patience. We are hopeful we will be able to get vaccine to all our patients.