Seasonal flu vaccine has arrived

We got a surprise shipment of seasonal flu vaccine for young and old this week. We currently have nasal vaccine and injectable seasonal influenza vaccine available for all children over 6 months old for children of all insurances. We can offer at your child's next appointment. If no upcoming appointments call office to schedule flu shot appointment or wait list if appointment not yet available. We will be scheduling one week at a time.

In the last week we have received a much increased number of doses for H1N1 influenza vaccine. We are working through the wait list as fast as we can call and schedule people. We currently have nasal as well as injectable vaccines. Currently we are best stocked for influenza vaccines we have been all season. Our shot nurses are working quickly to call patients and get them scheduled for flu shot visits. If your child has an upcoming visit just ask for it at that time.

We want to send out a big thanks to all our families for their patience as we work to get vaccine distributed as quickly and fairly as possible.