Influenza update (12/16)

Influenza activity in Oregon continues to decline significantly. We anticipate seasonal flu (strains besides H1N1) to increase during typical flu season of December to April with peak in February. It is unknown if H1N1 strain will increase during that time. For latest updates on flu activity check out "CDC Flu Updates":

There is a new report today of concern regarding decreased efficacy of some lots of pre-filled syringe form of vaccine. This vaccine is only for children ages 6 months to 35 months. By our records small minority of vaccines administered came from one of the lot numbers of concern. It is NOT a safety recall. This does not affect mutli-dose vials (which is vast majority of our injectable form and form given to kids passed their 3rd birthday) or nasal vaccine. At this time recommendation is to complete two dose series as recommended. No extra doses are recommended at this time. No further action is recommended for any parents of children who received a vaccine from the lots. We did have a few doses remaining from the lot numbers and will not be using those in patients starting today. For more information visit "CDC update":

We have been receiving increasing numbers of vaccine and now have adequate vaccine for all patients on our wait-list. Please call our office to schedule an appointment if you were previously on wait-list. If your child has an upcoming appointment already scheduled for another issue just be sure to ask your provider at that visit about receiving the vaccine. We have also received more seasonal flu vaccine and currently have both vaccines available for all age groups in both injectable and nasal forms. Nasal vaccine is only recommended for children over age 2 without chronic illnesses like asthma. A second dose is recommended for all children under age 10 at least 28 days after first dose. We have adequate supplies of vaccine to give booster doses.