H1N1 Vaccine appointments now available

We have received an unexpected limited supply of vaccine today and have scrambled to make available flu shot appointments for this week. We are going to do this one week at a time due to amount of vaccine we have received. If you child is past 4th birthday call to schedule. Next paragraph explains why age restriction.

Vaccine this week is *only for kids 4 years and older*. This is due to it coming from a different manufacturer than in previous weeks and only licensed for older kids. We did not receive any vaccine for kids under that age group. This vaccine is injectable so can be given to patients with asthma. We haven't yet heard about next weeks allotment.

Also due to requests of families we are beginning a wait list for vaccine. This is not a priority list but rather a simple waitlist. Appointments will be offered as vaccine becomes available. Those that are unable to get an appointment for this week due to young age or appointments all fully scheduled can be placed on a list and will be contacted once more vaccine is available. To get on the list you can email us at *h1n1@childhoodhealth.com*. Please include patient name, birth date, and preferred phone number. Remember that email is not secure and can be intercepted and read by others while in transit between email providers. If you are concerned about privacy of email call our office to get on list. Due to inconsistent amount of vaccine coming each week we are unable to predict when you child will get vaccine, but we hope the wait list will allow us evenly and fairly distribute vaccine.