Saturday flu shot walk-in clinic open 11/7

Saturday walk-in clinic is planned to proceed this coming Saturday (11/7) at our usual time from 0900-1200.

We anticipate having 200-300 doses of H1N1 injectable vaccine available for Saturday walk-in clinic. All children from 6 months to 24 years old are in a priority group and can receive vaccine up to available inventory. We again anticipate demand to exceed supply. This vaccine can be given to much broader group of patients than the nasal vaccine. Only contraindication to receiving vaccine would be prior allergy to influenza vaccine or prior allergy to eggs.

We are currently out of injectable seasonal flu vaccine but have about 100 of nasal seasonal influenza vaccine. Nasal vaccines are for children over age 2 without chronic illness, such as asthma. We are hoping for more injectable seasonal vaccine by mid-November. Will update when this has been confirmed.

We will not be screening for risk factors at the door but do ask that if your child does not have other chronic illnesses, is older than age 5 or has already experienced influenza illness in recent weeks to wait for future weeks to get the vaccine so those most in need can get the vaccine. In addition, some people are getting close coming due for second H1N1. We ask those to also wait (and will be screened at the door) so that more can go to those who have not yet received their first H1N1 influenza vaccine.

We understand that close to 10 million doses have been shipped around the country in last week so the "trickle" of vaccine should increase to a "steady drip". Our office continues to pressure health department to release any available vaccine to us for distribution.

We are trying a new system that will involve handing out tickets to match available shot inventory. Tickets will be handed out between 8:15 and 8:45 on a first come-first serve basis. We hope this will reduce wait time and promptly let families know when all available doses have been allocated. Patient *does* need to be present to get a ticket.