Influenza Vaccine Update

H1N1 vaccine continues to arrive in our clinic in small weekly batches. We continue to administer between 200-400 doses per week. We are about to cross 2000 doses administered. We are continuing to add names to wait list and give vaccine by appointment.

Beginning 11/20 Oregon health department is recommending temporary change in vaccine recommendations to prioritize the following groups:

* All kids less than 5 years old
* All kids 5 years and older with a diagnosis that puts them at increased risk for hospitalization from flu (including asthma, heart disease, diabetes)
* All kids with an infant in the household who is less than 6 months old

Latest information continues to be at "Oregon State Health Flu Information": and "CDC H1N1 page":

We anticipate to return to vaccinating all children over age 5 in coming weeks. We are following state health recommendations.

We have still not received any additional doses of seasonal flu vaccine. We are now being told by vaccine manufacturers not to expect doses until January or February.

Flu activity in Oregon and most of the country continue to decline. We have definitely seen a decline in cases in our clinic with a sharp decline in number of hospitalized patients.