H1N1 vaccine info from health department

The Oregon State Health Department released a newsletter update this week with a description of the current situation. It provides a nice summary of where things are at right now. Our clinic has not yet received more doses for H1N1 Influenza. We will post updates as soon as we do.

We realize that demand will continue to exceed supply of the vaccine so we are looking to improve how we distribute vaccine at our walk-in clinics. We still believe that walk-in clinic on a first come-first serve basis is the quickest way to distribute vaccine. To decrease frustration and waiting time we will distribute tickets as people arrive with number matched to available vaccine that day. We hope this will decrease frustration and waiting times for our patients.

Please continue to use the comment section on our news posts, contact form and our secure portal for continued communication and feedback to us.

External Links:

* "Oregon State H1N1 Information page":http://www.flu.oregon.gov/
* "Recent newsletter":http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/news/2009news/2009-1027.pdf
* "Sign up for weekly updates from health department regarding vaccine availability":https://service.govdelivery.com/service/subscribe.html?code=ORDHS_293