H1N1 Vaccine temporarily not available (10/24/2009)

As anticipated the demand at our Saturday walk-in clinic exceeded the available supply we received from the health department. We don't have the final tally but we anticipate over 300 patients received a vaccine today. This is the most our clinic has administered in one day.

We apologize to those families who came and were not able to receive vaccine due to the recommended form of the vaccine running out. We are in the same situation as the rest of the country, dependent on vaccine manufacturers and the health department distribution getting vaccine to us. We have been successful in promptly administering vaccine to our patients once we have received doses. We are not rationing or saving vaccine at this time. Our goal is to not have vaccine sitting in our fridge as long as demand for the vaccine continues. Please be assured we requested about 13,000 total doses of seasonal influenza vaccine and H1N1 vaccine. For comparison we administered about 4200 seasonal influenza vaccine doses last year. In other words we have done our best to anticipate increased demand and significantly increased our orders for both seasonal influenza and H1N1 influenza vaccines.

We thank our families for their patience and promise we will continue to work to get as many doses as we are allocated and administer them promptly to our patients. Since this information is changing daily we will post to website when we have confirmed information regarding vaccine availability. Also follow us on "twitter":http://www.twitter.com/childhoodhealth for the latest updates. Our plan is to be as transparent about this process as we can.