Busy office!

We are currently experiencing demand similar to middle of winter. You may have noticed increased delays in getting through on the phone and decreased availability of appointments. We are adding in provider shifts and adding staff where we can to keep up.

We set aside about half of all our appointments each day for same day scheduling (approx. 100-150 appointments) and those are given out on a first call first served basis. Call early in the AM for best chance for a same day appointment.

Mondays are always the busiest day. We recommend calling on other weekdays or Saturday AM if possible for appointment scheduling, prescription requests or routine health questions.

Use our online secure patient portal for non-urgent prescription requests, appointment requests, and health questions. Questions for our established patients can be asked directly to nurses, various departments and our doctors directly from the website.

View our website for health information and advice. While it is no substitute for direct medical care it can provide information to help make health decisions. The majority of the atypical demand is due to influenza. Fortunately the vast majority of patients with influenza are able to recover at home with rest, fluids and ibuprofen. Kids that need to be seen by doctor are those with chronic medical problems, experiencing asthma flare, or experiencing lung symptoms such as faster, labored breathing.