Happy New Year!

Happy New YearWe want to wish all our families a Happy New Year! We had a big growth year in 2008 and will continue to grow in 2009. I want to take this opportunity to give you a sneak peek of things to come in 2009.

h3. Medication dispensing

For many common prescription medications we will soon be able to dispense prepackaged course of medication. Our hope is to save you a trip to the pharmacy and improve the percentage of patients that are able to promptly begin prescribed medication. To begin with it will primarily be antibiotics and asthma medications. We will have a system that will bill insurance in the same way that the pharmacy does. In other words your cost will be the same with us as it would be at a retail pharmacy. Of course, this will be an optional service so that if you would prefer to get your medication from your pharmacy that will continue unchanged. More information at "Allscripts medication services":http://www.allscripts.com/products/Medication-Services/medications-prepackaged-meds.asp page.

h3. My Health Online Update

The vendor that is hosting our current secure online messaging service is expected to undergo a major upgrade in 2009. We hope this will make it easier to use, easier to sign up, easier to reset your password, and offer more features. This currently is and will remain a free service. If you haven't already signed up just fill out a quick form next time you are in the office. Current system allows for secure messaging directly between families and their provider. In addition families can view upcoming appointments and request prescription refills. More information at "My Health Online":/myhealthonline page.