Phones out of order

[*UPDATE 11/8/2007*: We are experiencing some difficulties with our new system. Getting them to forward correctly at the beginning of the day and transferring to voice mail continues to not work 100%. Please bear with us as we have been seeing a lot of the phone technician lately.]

[*UPDATE 10/30/2007*: Phone system replacement is now complete and functioning great. Sorry for the inconvenience.]

We want to apologize to our families and patients. We have had intermittent phone outages this week. The intermittent outage turned into a more serious one on Tuesday 10/16 when the phone system died. We are quickly installing a temporary solution and promptly purchasing a full replacement. Unfortunately we may continue to have intermittent outages while this is being repaired.

Please be assured we are operating at our normal hours and our normal capacity as much as is possible. When phones are out we attempt to promptly have them forwarded to Salem Hospital and they can reach nurses and doctors at the office by pager. If you have already received your username and password for "My Health Online":/clinic-information/my-health-online that is an option to communicate with us as our internet access is not affected by current outages. Again we apologize and hope we can get back to smoother operations smooth.